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Everything you need to succeed in the digital age.

Enable digital transformation, create delightful experiences and drive operational efficiency with Nuvem Group's consulting services and digital capabilities.

In a challenging—and constantly changing—landscape of disruption, we know business leaders have a lot on their minds.

Whether it's driving results through data, innovating the customer or employee experience, or getting a grip on the cloud, we know that to be successful in the digital age means focusing not only on adding digital, but becoming digital at the core.


Enter the new digital age, one that couples cognitive with a culture of collaboration, integration, and innovation. At Nuvem Group, we focus our services on these issues that matter most to you, helping you not only sense—but shape—the future and propel your business forward.

Strategy & Consulting

Experience & Design

Technology & Engineering

Digital & Innovation

Data & Artificial Intelligence

Marketing & Sales

Strategy & Consulting

Thrive in the new and unknown.

Applying innovation to create real value and embracing disruption to lead in the future. We combine business strategy with experience and engineering to help you define business objectives and apply the best-fit solutions to achieve your goals, drive growth and navigate digital transformation.

How we help clients

Digital strategy

Business performance improvement

Innovation and growth strategy

Business modeling and strategy

Product strategy

IT strategy

User research and customer validation

Customer experience (CX) strategy

Mergers and acquisitions

Building enduring value through bold strategies. We help clients pinpoint emerging opportunities, find unexpected value, and create new businesses by harnessing the full power of digital.

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Experience & Design

Seamless. Magical.

We create meaningful connections between customers, employees and brands through innovative experiences. From interactive experiences that captivate customers, new intelligence that is applied across every industry, function and process, and the Digital Reinvention of Industry through smart, connected, products, services, plants and workers—that’s digital at the core.

How we help clients

Product, system and service design

Cognitive experiences

Experience design

Connected environments

End-to-end journey redesign

Adapt to new demands. We work zealously with you, side by side building your digital capabilities to better understand the market, uncover customer and user insights, evolve and create exceptional customer experiences, and successfully bring them to market.

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Technology & Engineering

Simply powering the future. Now.

Reinventing your business with technology services to unlock new opportunities and accelerate growth, while powering the future with a new style of IT, on leading platforms, across the lifecycle. We bring innovation, intelligence and deep industry experience together with our software engineering capabilities and leading technology services from our ecosystem partners to help you reinvent your business as an intelligent enterprise—and innovate at scale, across your organization.

How we help clients

IT consulting and engineering

Intelligent platform services

Custom software engineering

Intelligent cloud and devops

Technology Innovation

Experience transformation

Learn from your data, create incredible digital experiences, and make the most of new tech. We blend design, engineering, and analytics expertise to help you build the future.

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Digital & Innovation

The vision is brighter than ever.

We help clients to design and develop future-proof, significant and secure digital products that are centered around users’ needs and fulfil clients’ business goals. Our integrated development and management approaches help organizations deliver digital products and services with higher quality and greater speed. Websites, apps, interfaces, portals, artificial intelligence (AI), augmented reality (AR) and more — from ideating with a prototype, testing a product with an MVP, to finding product-market fit and finally, scaling, we are your full service partner.

How we help clients

Digital product innovation

Full-cycle product engineering

Digital transformation

Digital organization enablement

Enterprise agility

Application development

Custom software development

We help transform the world’s largest, most complex organizations—with a focus on creating real value through digital reinvention.

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Data & Artificial Intelligence

The beast behind the beauty.

Harnessing the power of data and AI as a strategic advantage across the enterprise, we create actionable insights and deeper connections with your customers and workforce. We build a strategy and roadmap to translate data into elevated employee productivity, optimized supply chains and next generation customer experience using the power of AI.

How we help clients

Data and analytics

Data architecture

Internet of Things

AI and ML

Robotics and automation

Data visualization and storytelling

Better performance through data. We work together with clients to build analytics-driven organizations to gain intelligence that drives value for their business.

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Marketing & Sales

The brand consumers love.

Helping clients grow faster than the market with marketing services that deliver true transformational power. From consulting and creative campaigns to insights and analytics and optimization, we help CMOs and brands make an impact at every stage of the customer journey and power growth through digital advantage.

How we help clients

Marketing operations and technology

Creative marketing services

Marketing engagement services

Consumer analytics and optimization

Personalization and experience design

Branding strategy

Sales and multi-channel management

Digital marketing

Our goal is to help organizations harness imagination with design thinking to get the most out of marketing technology and create immersive experiences that build brand value and trust with customers.

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