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There is no substitute for knowing an industry inside and out. We know your industry, and we share ideas, methodologies, and knowledge across industries so that we can prepare our clients for the challenges and opportunities ahead.

Financial Services

Now you can build trust with clients better than ever before by helping them achieve their personal and professional goals with our financial services solutions and comprehensive platform to accelerate business.

Information Transformation with Tableau

A world leading insurance company with a focus on specialty insurance and global insurance policies needed faster access to better information, in a simplified way. We helped put reliable data at its employees’ fingertips with a consolidated data mart and interactive Tableau visualizations.

Enhancing mobile banking with a digital wallet

A federal credit union knew that over 90 percent of Americans use a smartphone for banking, so they asked Nuvem Group for help to implement financial technology (fintech) to better serve their members. We decided to enhance their mobile banking suite with a mobile wallet solution, and create a new, comprehensive experience that engages users before, during and after life’s biggest financial decisions. One mobile app. More member value.

Media & Entertainment

Create a next-level digital engagement experience at every customer touchpoint with consistent, omnichannel experiences by implementing and optimizing digital engagement and data insights.

Healthcare & Life Sciences

Improve patient experiences, secure health data and streamline workflows for reduced costs.

Ambulatory Care Web Portal

A US-based medical clinic understood how important a custom patient web portal is to provide vital and up-to-the-minute health updates and advice to their patients. We developed a custom clinical decision support system that allows physicians, pharmacists, nurses and patients to share information from a single trusted source, while integrating the portal to the client’s website and marketing campaign, to help brand their medical organization and deliver superior service.

Identification Solutions Provider

A health-tech startup that provides a wide array of identification devices solutions to the world’s leading hospitals came to us as they needed to ensure that any piece of equipment or other hospital asset can be found quickly. We developed an IoT solution to create an ecosystem of interconnected devices and built an android app that became an essential tool ensuring accurate asset management, anytime, anywhere.

Retail & Commerce

The new age of the shopper expects to be connected and serviced anytime, anywhere.

Travel & Hospitality

Improve the traveler's experience and increase business operations' efficiency with a comprehensive enterprise software suite.

Luxury Hotel Smart App

A luxury resorts operator turned to Nuvem Group for an essential hotel app to extend the brand’s unmatched hotel experience to mobile, making their guests’ stay even more incredible.

Car Rental Tracking Solution

A leading car rental company in Europe needed a tracking solution to manage its fleet of vehicles and decided to use Nuvem Group as an extension of their internal development team for mobile and cloud development to further improve their IoT ecosystem with a secure, fail-safe, delay-free operation.

Real Estate

Accelerating the pace of innovation is both a necessity and a challenge to modernize any organization. We partner with real estate companies to transform their operating models, customer experiences, spaces, data, and applications to help them work faster and smarter, while finding new ways to connect supply and demand. From strategy and organization design to analytics and cutting-edge technology, we’ll help you build skills, broker new relationships, and negotiate more deals.

More Industries


Consumers have an increased expectation from service companies. A branded insurance application can transform your business and help you create seamless claims handling, faster and straight-forward processing for shorter claims cycles, and deliver personalized experiences by utilizing data and actionable analytics.

Federal & Public Sector

Reduce costs, increase security and data protection, and improve efficiencies for governmental agencies of all sizes, while accelerating the pace of innovation to modernize and transform existing systems and processes with Nuvem Group.

Non-Profit & Education

Non-profit organizations and higher-education institutions face two big challenges: data insights and digital transformation. Nuvem Group is here to deliver solutions and expertise to solve both.

Defense & Law Enforcement

Equip agencies with the latest technologies and software to better aid intelligence, investigations, case management and tools needed to respond to crimes before they happen. From reachback facilities to the edge of the battlefield.


The forth revolution is here. Innovate and integrate systems and data to improve the entire value chain, from supply chain and production to operations.


Increase automotive quality and safety by integrating data and systems across the entire lifecycle. Continue to innovate to capture and retain market share in this intense competitive market led by digital transformation.

Musicians & Bands

Create the ultimate experience for fans, while maximizing your art and the data of your fans with dedicated apps, maps and tour dates, inapp chat, merchandise stores, streaming, subscription and more.

Events & Venues

Elevate your event and venue with streaming, beacons, AR, data solutions, event pass, and venue management software.

Sports & Teams

Apps for sports teams, chatbots, IoT, beacons, geofencing and much more.

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