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Application Development

Innovating, in all new ways.

Reinvent your enterprise application portfolio. Make use of emerging technology. And drive digital growth by putting innovation at the heart of your applications. Our application development services enable you to meet business needs, now and in the future.

How we help you put innovation at the heart of your applications

From the development of new applications, through modernization, management and maintenance, we cover all stages of the application lifecycle.

Web Development

With over a decade of experience, our highly skilled web developers have delivered over 250 products for our clients globally, across many industries. Following agile software development principles and the lean startup approach, we can deliver a first working version of your product within a few weeks. Our frontend and backend developers can work independently or directly with you in dedicated, self-organizing teams, alongside designers, QAs, and business analysts with the guidance of a scrum master. We pass on to you all know-how so you can continue to grow your product sustainably. Leverage our broad-ranging expertise to build a featured-rich web app, management portal, or even an ecommerce store.

Mobile Development

Going mobile will help your organization streamline operations, bring value to demanding modern customers and tackle big data with hyper-personalized mobile experience. We build both native mobile apps and hybrid mobile apps, always choosing a custom solution suited to your business goals. We will design the entire architecture, user flow, UX and UI of your mobile app. Following agile development and the lean startup approach, we guarantee that you receive your product quickly and that it fulfills user’s needs and your business goals. Furthermore, add new technologies like Blockchain and Augmented Reality to elevate your business security, key operations, and employee productivity. Whether you need to build a new custom mobile app, enhance your existing one, or quickly launch a new app with our industry-specific ready solution, Nuvem Group has everything you need to succeed on mobile.

Custom Software Development

Nuvem Group follows best practice development processes and offers top-notch software quality. We offer self-organizing, dedicated teams consisting of frontend developers, backend developers, designers, QAs, business analysts and scrum masters who work directly with you. Our skilled specialists will not only design and code your software but also advise you on every step of the full product development cycle and beyond. We follow agile development principles which guarantee incremental iterative delivery but also allow you to change the scope and control the budget with every sprint (every 1-2 weeks).


We combine the power of the world’s leading technology platforms – SalesForce, AWS, Snowflake, and more – and our intelligence, innovation and industry capabilities to create the best solutions that yield extraordinary results for your business.


Shift to continuous delivery and streamline IT by bringing development, operations, and business teams together and applying automated processes.

Application Modernization

Transform your legacy applications to become more agile and efficient. We help you strip out unnecessary operating costs, reducing capital spending and freeing staff for new strategic and revenue-generating initiatives – bringing your IT up to speed.

Examples of products we’ve built.

See our application development work in action.

Booking Platform Development: A luxury private jet booking service needed a simple booking experience for their existing legacy system. Nuvem Group transformed their sales system and delivered a new booking system that was simple yet maintained a luxurious experience for their affluent customers.

Customer Portal Development: An energy company wanted to create a customer portal as an engagement tool for their customers and show them the benefits of their energy product and all the relevant information to their smart home. We delivered a fully scalable web app that resulted in an incredibly positive customer satisfaction.

Ecommerce Website Development: A UK company hired us to develop an ecommerce platform similar to eBay that enables small businesses and entrepreneurs to establish an online presence, solving the problems of online payments and delivery.

The future of app development is multiexperience.

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Looking to build future-ready applications? Nuvem Group can help you transform applications to outperform in a cloud-first, mobile-first world while modernizing legacy enterprise applications to accelerate to the pace of business.