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Web Development

Beautiful, fast and secure web applications that deliver real business results.

Nuvem Group has been delivering incredible web products for companies of all sizes across many industries. Our team of highly skilled web developers, creatives, and strategists leverage technology to build and deliver modern, engaging websites and web apps.

The result: from responsive web design and content management systems to complex eCommerce and custom web applications, we deliver web solutions that solve business challenges, deliver on business results and that delight people.

How We Help Clients

Web solutions that take your digital experience to the next level.

Today, web technologies such as websites, portals, content management systems (CMS), search, e-commerces, and web apps are transforming multiple dimensions of an organization such as the customer, business, and operations. At Nuvem Group we enable businesses to effectively engage customers and improve their processes at all touchpoints throughout the user journey.

Website & CMS
Web App Development
eCommerce Web Development
Custom Web Development for Enterprise

Website & CMS

There's magic in perfect customer engagements.

We build websites with a human-centered design approach that focuses on delighting users while achieving business goals. With an award-winning team of designers, followed by highly skilled web developers, all of our work is supported by user tests, real data, advanced tools and expert analysis to deliver the best web solutions, ones that work and activate customer engagement. We also have deep expertise in developing on leading digital experience platforms, from open-source solutions like WordPress and Drupal to enterprise platforms like Adobe Experience and SiteCore.

User experience design

Earning trust. Innovating a modern web experience with a fast, scalable, and beautiful website that keeps up with the market.

Customer journey design and site architecture

With the right digital platforms and experiences, we can uncover the once undiscoverable insights behind customer habits and behaviors to elevate engagement to new heights.

Serverless implementation and DevOps

Running a website nowadays requires meeting customers’ high expectations. There is little room for guesswork or mistakes. Leverage Nuvem Group’s expertise to build on a sleek, modern cloud platform that draws more views from buyers and reinvigorates your brand as a digital leader.

Web App Development

Build more than a platform. Build an experience.

From design to integration to maintenance, we offer full-cycle web app development services. We build web apps that are secure, scalable, fast, and work across all devices and platforms.

Cloud-native web applications

Building in the cloud, from the ground up, is what creates the scale a web app needs. Ultimately, when you’re ready to evolve it all comes together when designing and building on the cloud first, more than would ever be achievable on a desktop.

Agile software development

Following a lean startup approach and agile software development, we can deliver a great web product fast. Our frontend and backend developers plan, design, develop, test, and deploy new cloud microservices using our DevOps, cloud computing, serverless, and test automation best practices.

Scalable web solutions

By building a cloud-centric web app and working with you to set the big picture with a strategic roadmap, together we open the dialogue for your team to be even more creative of what your needs will be in the future. We pass on to you the know-how so you can create next generation iterations of our web app that benefit your organization in the long run. And that’s empowering.

eCommerce Web Development

The power of commerce. In one solution.

Build an online store with seamless and user-friendly experience, the right extensions, and reliable integration with your other processes. Our ecommerce web development services include building full-scale ecommerce platforms.

Human-centric commerce that converts

Our commerce solutions are driven to convert users into buying customers. Leveraging the psychology of UX and UI, data, content and visual brand narrative, we craft powerful digital experiences on a multitude of channels that lead users to the path of purchase. Our focus is on conversion and building an incredibile/exceptional experience from the moment someone lands on your online store to the moment they receive a purchase confirmation, and after.

Leading the e-commerce experience with technology

Choosing an e-commerce platform such as Shopify or Salesforce Commerce is not enough. Our extensive knowledge in a wide range of technologies and platforms means that we can find the right solution to suit your needs, integrating them seamlessly with your site to create a high performing and trustworthy e-commerce experience.

Customized features

Our feature rich e-commerce solutions include a shoppable inspiration section, pre order pages, customer testimonials, influencer landing pages alongside detailed product pages for an enhanced UX / UI experience. And we know that an integrated shopping experience doesn’t end with the purchase confirmation. We also help you with customer retention through CRM technology and email nurture campaigns, that keep your customers re-engaged and coming back for more.

Data driven insight: The engine for omni-channel growth

True optimization requires a holistic approach—one that links efforts and compounds efficiency gains. We undertake an intensive deep-dive into the most granular level of data and into your target audience, and turn that analysis into actionable insights. From there, we are able to identify distinct audience personas, drivers and channels for engagement and conversions.

Custom Web Development for Enterprises

Extreme performance. By design.

Build a custom solution for your business from the ground-up. Our wide-ranging custom web development services allow you to create cross-platform solutions for any industry regardless of scale or complexity.

A powerful product engineering methodology

Every project is distinct. This is why we created our own product engineering methodology, a powerful delivery framework that arranges people, skillsets, and ideas into resilient, agile teams. It’s flexible, robust, time-tested. It’s based on agile delivery and lean principles that allows us to deliver software solutions with speed and quality.

Maximize efficiency with speed and quality

We scale the perfect scrum team to blend the right mix of disciplines and talent to get to MVP with quality and speed. After MVP, we follow with small releases that help continuously improve the project at hand and deliver the best possible web product.

Complete teams

Experienced self-organizing teams of backend and frontend developers, solution architects, UX designers, QA specialists, business analysts, scrum masters and software engineers work along with you to level-up any large-scale effort.

Transition on your terms

We blend and scale our teams with yours so transition doesn’t become a complicated handoff. Instead, it happens seamlessly.

Examples of products we’ve built.

See our application development work in action.

Booking Platform Development: A luxury private jet booking service needed a simple booking experience for their existing legacy system. Nuvem Group transformed their sales system and delivered a new booking system that was simple yet maintained a luxurious experience for their affluent customers.

Customer Portal Development: An energy company wanted to create a customer portal as an engagement tool for their customers and show them the benefits of their energy product and all the relevant information to their smart home. We delivered a fully scalable web app that resulted in an incredibly positive customer satisfaction.

Ecommerce Website Development: A UK company hired us to develop an ecommerce platform similar to eBay that enables small businesses and entrepreneurs to establish an online presence, solving the problems of online payments and delivery.

The future of app development is multiexperience.

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