Software Solutions

Let's create beautiful software.

By blending design, software engineering, analytics, and automation, we build the modern technology products of tomorrow.

Shaping tomorrow's software

Concept, create, launch, and scale high-performance software solutions—faster—with our strategists, designers, and engineers. From cutting-edge mobile POS systems to field applications that prioritize service needs, to IoT products that connect people with devices and VR that augment their experiences. The breadth of expertise and experience of our teams helps Nuvem Group stand out.

Software made better.

We believe that every great modern technology product is a seamless blend of four key elements – each relying on the other, each contributing to the others’ success.


Human-centered experience

To the user, the interface is the product. We build experiences that are personalized in their context and so natural, they simply feel like an extension of the person that is using them.


Mission-critical software mindset

Building great software today requires the skill of a craftsperson and the creativity of an innovator. Our approach to building consumer-grade products is flexible, disciplined, repeatable, and uncompromisingly focused on quality.


IQ, built-in

Building software absent of analytics-driven insight is no longer an option. We build modern data platforms that embed insights, real-time, into the flow of business processes at transaction speed.


Resilient, automated platforms

At Nuvem Group, we leverage modern platforms and automation to drive resilience, extensibility, and scale for both products and the infrastructure they are built on.

Our Team is here to help you find the software solution that’s right for you.

Built for forward thinkers, we build the solution that’s right for you.

Packaged solutions don’t work anymore—if they ever did. You need adaptive, custom-fit platforms to keep ahead of the competition. We use our accelerators and IP to provide fluid, intelligent solutions, purpose-built for you.

And we ship it fast.

We help you accelerate the path from vision to value, crafting custom digital products that build engagement and loyalty and grow your business—and working collaboratively with your teams to ensure repeatable outcomes.

How we work with you

Successful digital experiences are a process, not a project. We start with people—and collaborate across disciplines—to help you prove the value of innovation.


Clarify your vision around customer and business value, validating every step of the way.


Start with discovery, user research, and roadmaps—before writing a single line of code.


Rapidly iterate with agile development and collaborative, real-time co-creation.


Quickly deliver high-quality software that adds value with agile software engineering.


Learn and revise over time to ensure measurable results and predictable outcomes.

Our technology partners

We have strong partnerships with the world’s top technology providers because they share our obsession for working collaboratively to build the highest-quality customer-focused solutions for our clients. And together, we don’t just build software, we deliver results.

Why us

We are makers, thinkers, and doers

We exist to elevate the human experience. And together, we can design a better future.

We believe in the power of teams. We break down silos and collaborate across disciplines to collectively tackle the things that matter most to you and your customers.

Our digital problem-solvers dig into the details. Validate ideas early and often. Ask a lot of questions. Collaborate in real-time in your same time zone. And partner with you to concept, create, and launch beautiful software.

We believe there’s no limit to what we can make happen together.

Featured work

See our software solutions in action

Adapt to customer

An American telecommunications and mass media company wanted to make its content available on mobile—meeting customers on their terms while delivering a consistent experience across all their platforms. We helped build their flagship mobile apps and changed the way its customers watch TV.

Release great software with DevOps

When a leading business intelligence & data visualization software company wanted to make its products more collaborative, we helped the them move to the cloud with DevOps. We worked closely with our client to develop one of their first services in the Cloud offering—using Amazon Web Services (AWS).