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Create meaningful connections between customers, employees and brands through transformative experiences to better serve them, and to provide sustainable growth.

This is the re-imagining of business through experience.

70% of leaders say that their firm's goal is to be a customer experience leader in their industry, or across all industries. Despite that, only 1% of companies succeed in delivering an excellent experience.

- Forrester Customer Experience Playbook

What are you looking to achieve?

Deliver new products to market
Reduce cost to operate/assemble
Build a better customer experience
Increase employee engagement
Scale your design capabilities
Infuse design into your culture

Our Approach

Pivot from thinking digital to being digital at the core.

Today’s world has changed dramatically since the word “experience economy” has made itself through the business lexicon. Customers and employees agree that experience really matters. Opportunities to enhance the user experience (UX) emerges daily as the digital ecosystem offers people instant access to information and an expanding range of products and services.

However, the plethora of new choices , technologies, theories, designs can leave organizations confused and paralyzed. To thrive in this new world economy, companies are realizing they have to simplify the experience and the underlying organization necessary to deliver it. How though?

While some focus on driving technology adoption, we focus on the actual user engagement. Our services add meaning, value, and purpose with every touchpoint. Nuvem Group helps you serve the simplicity your customers crave, and helps you cut through the complexity to deliver a seamless experience. It works incredibly well, it’s like magic.

How we help clients

Capabilities that deliver incredible digital experiences

Customer centricity is achieved through seamless user experience. It’s not just about aesthetics, it’s reflected end-to-end in the core business model, employees, processes and technology, connecting brand purpose to user needs. We help clients create the best customer and employee experience in the world, across every touchpoint.

Customer Experience (CX) Strategy & Transformation

Digital Product, System & Service Design

End-to-End Journey Redesign

Customer Experience (CX) Strategy & Transformation

A seamless customer experience is critical, and customer centricity is the only way to succeed in the new digital world, but how do you get there?

We start by empathizing with customers at every step in their journey, allowing us to re-envision an experience that meet their needs, and truly deliver a customer experience transformation. Using agile methods to test and refine, we create rapid and dramatic impact from customer satisfaction and revenue growth to operational excellence and employee engagement.

Digital Product, System & Service Design

How do you inspire breakthrough business transformations with new digital creations?

We help digitize end-to-end business processes and services to power excellent customer journeys. We start by identifying and assessing the most valuable customer journeys. Our deep industry and technical experience helps uncover the priority processes that will create the biggest impact for your customers and business. We use common technologies, systems, and data sets across multiple journeys to allow you to scale easily.

End-to-End Journey Redesign

Organizations that translate customer understanding into dynamic products will win with customers.

We create breakthrough strategies and design operating models that embody innovative marketing best practices and drive exceptional return on investment. We bring our process and technology expertise together to drive successful marketing operations across strategy, development, testing activation and measurement. Specifically, we develop and implement strategies and approaches to drive customer acquisition, value, engagement, and loyalty. Then we guide technology-solution choices, selection criteria, and vendor trade-offs. And lastly, we define implications of different operating-model choices, including roles, organizational structures, and operating processes.

Why It's Important

Connecting and engaging experiences are key to win customers.

Connecting and engaging experiences are key to developing a lasting relationship with customers, especially in this always-on digital world. User experience and connected environments are where brands and consumers meet. They are about discovery and excitement that bridge the gap between brands and consumers. Technology enhances the human experience, it doesn't diminish it. Understanding digital consumerism has become imperative to your success.

The best experiences are indistinguishable from magic and we'd love to reintroduce you to your customers in a way that strengthens the relationship for years to come.

How We Work

By combining a human-centered approach with robust methodology and data, we make experiences simple and elegant for the world’s leading brands.

A decade of experience in design, our data prowess, and deep knowledge in how users interact with new technologies has allowed Nuvem Group to perfect the process of delivering experience and design services. Our internal design team is coupled with Avanti & Avanti, part of Nuvem Group, a small design and innovation consultancy within a large software company that reimagines and redefines people’s relationships with the digital and physical worlds — helping you build an engaging product or service easily and quickly.

By combining a human-centered approach with robust methodology, we make complex systems simple and elegant for the world’s leading brands. We follow established design standards, workflows, and guidelines to reduce the distance between strategy and execution — you get the product you need, delivered by expert designers within the set timeframe. We are able to accomplish this using a phased model, we integrate emerging trends with your customers’ needs, aspirations and journeys. This work informs touchpoints, offerings, and the underlying organizational capabilities you need to compete through a winning experience. Execution extends strategic insights to deliver beautiful, functional, and delightful customer interactions across, enabling end-to-end customer experiences that are both engaging and differentiating.

Digital Transformation Success Stories

One of the key players on the Italian financial services market needed to perform a complete digital transformation, while integrating the solution with the company’s existing IT infrastructure. We created a mobile solution that strengthens the company’s relationships with customers and partners, increases the internal operational efficiencies by introducing self-service and automation, and improves the client experience. Their customers and employees are happy to use a modern digital tool that’s both empowering and simple to use.

Mobile AppFinancial Services

A fintech startup needed a blockchain wallet app that allows its users to instantly send and receive Bitcoin and Ethereum. The application also needed to be as simple as any non-crypto wallet app. We created an app for iOS and Android that allows users to make one motion to instantly transfer their cryptocurrency to the recipient in close proximity or at a distance. Users can also receive cryptocurrency and sync contacts with the application. Our blockchain-based solution allowed users to anonymously and effortlessly send and receive cryptocurrency via their mobile device. The clean design of the application ensures a smooth user experience and the process of sending cryptocurrency requires minimal effort.

Blockchain Wallet AppFintech

A legendary music festival organization turned to Nuvem Group to build an event app with essential features — in a month. The app needed to provide all the event-related information to the guests and help them navigate the location, in a comfortable experience without printed materials. Using our approach that combines custom software development and a low-code mobile app platform, Nuvem Group created an app with comprehensive News, Schedule, and Media sections, a vivid map and uncluttered FAQ section — all in a clean and appealing design. We delivered the app before the one-month deadline, and it became a handy digital brochure that allowed the guests that came from all around the world to comfortably enjoy the festival without the need to consult printouts.

Event AppMusic & Entertainment

One of the biggest construction companies in Norway gets a digital transformation of their ERP with three spot-on solutions. Their legacy systems provided segmented data and functionality. The company needed a single software platform that would streamline project management across all departments, elevate the partner management processes, and simplify truck and asset management. Closely collaborating with the client, we created three streamlined and interconnected solutions on a single platform: a labor management portal with scheduling and real-time reporting; a comprehensive project management system with an app for on-site inspectors; and a mobile solution for truck drivers that simplifies asset delivery and management as much as possible.

ERP & Software IntegrationConstruction

Why Nuvem Group

Everything we do at Nuvem Group, we have design at heart. For over a decade we have been at the forefront of the experience economy, helping clients across sectors decipher behavioral patterns through rigorous research and testing. Our ultra-curious tinkerers, culture sleuths and pragmatic strategists use the power of design to create the best digital products and services on earth – the ones that surprise and delight the people who use them.

Our clients appreciate our commitment to combining the best in traditional methods, backed by a sophisticated data science team to capitalize on new forms and sources of available data.  All of our global teams are fully equipped with leading front- and back-end technology, to help our clients acquire the tools they need to successfully compete for customers and bring breakthrough connected products and services to life.

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Nuvem Group is a dedicated partner in transformation, helping companies embrace change and adopt breakthrough experiences that brings real value to their business and their customers.


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