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Bring the future of Cloud to your organization and get maximum value from Amazon Web Services, from planning and migration to all that comes next.

Our strategic partnership delivers transformation at scale with the best of Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Nuvem Group’s unparalleled breadth and depth of talent, resources and experience. We accelerate end-to-end adoption of AWS, maximizing organization-wide transformation and driving innovation—securely, at speed and scale.

How can AWS cloud benefit you

Business agility. Achieve maximum scalability and faster time to market, while taking advantage of the flexibility of pay-per-use resources and on-demand infrastructure.

New business models. Embrace change with an infrastructure that can support emerging technologies to rapidly innovate new business models, enter new markets and transform your core business.

Operational efficiency. High CapEx, frontloaded infrastructure is a thing of the past. Now, with a serverless cloud architecture, you can have an optimal return on investment from your infrastructure, with predictable costs and lower costs of ownership.

Why we're different

The cloud is more than a technology platform. It’s a catalyst for business transformation and growth.

The Nuvem Group and Amazon Web Service relationship was formed to leverage the market-leading innovation, advanced digital transformation skill set, specialized insights, professional networks, and industry experience of Nuvem Group and combine it with AWS’ industry-leading cloud technologies.

We work with you to define a business strategy, build a cloud roadmap, optimize your move to the cloud, and implement modern platforms for ongoing operational excellence. Wherever you are on your cloud journey, Nuvem Group brings curiosity, passion, and deep technical and strategic expertise to every AWS solution.

  1. Consultants with over a decade of AWS experience
  2. AWS certifications
  3. Many projects successfully completed
  4. Industry-specific competencies
  5. Certified to build secure, compliant infrastructure

How we help clients

Business Strategy

Define and implement a holistic strategy and cloud roadmap to maximize value from the cloud.

Cloud Migration

Leverage optimized strategies for rationalizing, modernizing, and migrating existing software to the cloud, while supporting users throughout the process.

Operational Excellence

Implement a foundation of modern DevOps practices to increase ongoing business and technical agility.

Advanced Data & Analytics

Advanced data and analytics. Illuminate insights and intelligence through modern data architectures, AI, and machine learning.

Product Engineering

Build new, cloud-native, integrated digital and data solutions.

AWS Consulting Partner - Nuvem Group
AWS expertise

Nuvem Group cloud services for AWS helps clients gain the ability to quickly plan, build, manage and optimize the AWS cloud.

Our AWS experts help organizations learn to utilize AWS products and services tailored specifically to individual needs ranging from:

  • Managed services that enable the enterprise through the hybrid cloud, to continually meet changing business needs, and ensuring that IT costs and services will continually align to business demand.
  • Advisory services to realize the full financial and operational benefits of AWS, and identify workload suited to migration to the cloud.
  • Application transformation and cloud migration to take the risk out of moving core applications in complex enterprise environments, and turn them into a competitive advantage.
  • DevOps
  • Data & Analytics
  • Migration
  • Machine Learning
  • Financial Services
  • Government
  • Enterprise
  • Education

What does success look like with Amazon Web Services (AWS)


A holistic strategy and cloud roadmap to maximize value from AWS cloud

How will the AWS Cloud help your company meet its business goals? When done right, cloud adoption can increase your speed to innovate, enable cloud security controls to protect your assets, and offer transformative opportunities for your business.


Build it right the first time or make the move to the Cloud securely

How do you help maximize the benefits of AWS cloud? Whether you want to start by migrating existing workloads to the cloud or by immediately taking advantage of what cloud has to offer with some native cloud app modernization or development, we are ready to leverage our optimized AWS strategies, while supporting users throughout the process. From enhancing your infrastructure and quickly migrating legacy apps to launching new cloud-native apps and scaling as your needs evolve, we can help you solve key technology and business challenges that lead to a return on investment.


Achieve operational excellence on AWS

How do you guarantee a resilient Cloud strategy? Nuvem Group increases the reliability and predictability of your AWS cloud infrastructure with managed services suited to meet your IT and financial objectives. Whether you have critical workloads that demand a full suite of services or you’re just looking for a light-touch service to control costs, we can scale and align to meet your needs.


Expect more from your cloud

How do you ensure success with AWS? Nuvem Group optimizes your Cloud across performance, budget, security and compliance, and DevOps automation to get more out of your AWS investments.

Our Team is here to help you deliver business value on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud.

Featured work

See our AWS solutions in action

Taking a leading analytics company to the next level with AWS cloud.

A global company leader in advanced data and analytics partnered with Nuvem Group to shift from on-premises to the cloud with both Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure—while accelerating new cloud capabilities for its organization.

Boosting innovation with serverless AWS. Cloud transformation done right in real estate.

Running an application nowadays requires meeting customers’ high expectations, while supporting operations with a robust backend. And if you’re a large, established real estate brand, running hundreds of thousands of listing, agent, and brokerage updates a day, there is little room for guesswork or mistakes. We were able to successfully develop a new serverless platform that offers sleek, modern functionality to draw more engagement from their customers and sell homes faster, while reimagining their brand as a leading digital player.

Get more information on how Nuvem Group can help you on your cloud journey with Amazon Web Services (AWS).

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