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More power to you. Effortlessly.

Improve your business processes and workflows, and become customer-centric to drive measurable business results by deploying AI capabilities. Quickly and easily.

We are leading digital business transformation by leveraging the power of the Cloud and AI, with unmatched Salesforce and IBM Watson expertise.

Nuvem.X℠ is the smartest and fastest way to accelerate business value with intelligent apps for Salesforce. As a consulting partner, we implement Salesforce and help you get the most out of the platform by making it work the way you want, and beyond, with Nuvem.X.

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AI is the future of business.

Whether you are just starting or have already begun your AI journey, remove the complexity of adopting and deploying AI with Nuvem Group, and accelerate business value today.

Why Do I Need AI for my business?

AI unlocks business value through four key capabilities: what you understand about your customers, how you interact with them, how you answer their questions, and how you guide faster, smarter decision-making.

  • Understand: People are complex, but our digital footprints provide traces of our tendencies, habits, and preferences. AI can pick-up on our behavioral cues at an individual level. By integrating external data, such as social profiles and personality insights, businesses can empower their employees to personalize each and every customer engagement.
  • Interact: Today, a seamless experience means self-service. The shift from tapping smartphones and tablets, to using mobile voice commands, to speaking with connected devices in homes, cars, and stores is propelling a growing demand for interaction that feels more human. Chatbots with natural language processing capabilities offer a conversational interface that can literally speak your language, and is available anytime from any messaging platform. For business, AI-powered chatbots can deflect inbound customer requests or automate repetitive tasks to deliver faster customer service.
  • Answer: Instead of solving customer questions, many employees are stuck searching for answers. AI can monitor internal data to identify and surface patterns and trends, and analyze external data to assist with deep knowledge discovery. Employees spend less time mining through data, so they can accurately answer questions faster.
  • Guide: AI learns from your data to instruct next best-actions with predictive and machine learning models. Customer data can trigger personalized actions in real-time, so employees can manage their relationships with a 1:1 level of attention.

What We Do

We help you achieve maximum business value out of your Salesforce and IBM portfolio, with deep industry knowledge, delivery capabilities and technical expertise. Across management consulting, technology and business process outsourcing, Nuvem Group provides flexible and scalable end-to-end services.

We’ve launched numerous industry solutions to help drive real innovation and value, maximizing the benefits of Salesforce and IBM technology.

How We Do It

IBM Watson X Salesforce Einstein

We use our strategic partnership and expertise with Salesforce and IBM to launch our AI practice, and provide you a full customer view.

You can seamlessly connect real-time insights found in unstructured data from IBM Watson to discoveries from customer data delivered by Salesforce Einstein.

IBM Watson knows the person. Watson helps you assess large amounts of data to understand and provide insights on intent and personality.

Watson knows:

  • Reviews
  • Social sentiment and tone
  • Buying trends and market analysis

Salesforce Einstein knows the customer. Einstein helps you identify a customer’s individual needs and puts it into the context of their history with your company’s brand.

Einstein knows:

  • What products or services they own or are considering
  • Buying influence and preferences
  • How to best offer customer support

Why Nuvem Group

We stand at the forefront of a fundamental shift in business applications. We understand how AI is revolutionizing how machines augment human expertise and capabilities, not replacing them.

AI sounds like risky business, but it’s not. It’s an extension of fulfilling that same promise to customers with faster, smarter decision-making.

However, the value of AI is not automatic. To be most effective, AI requires data–lots of it, both structured and unstructured–an intuitive Salesforce UI, and business processes that support it. All of which is to say that technology alone will not enable the power of AI.

Nuvem Group, as a long-standing strategic partner of IBM and Salesforce with thousands of implementations, launched an AI practice and Nuvem.X™, twelve industry- and cloud-specific solutions powered by AI.

We help clients drive innovation at scale, not only transforming all facets of their business, but industries as well.

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Nuvem Group is a dedicated partner in transformation, helping companies embrace change and adopt breakthrough technologies that brings real value to their business and their customers.